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2012 Filings:

The filings table contains the court’s population, new filings in 2012, and the percentage change in new filings from 2008 to 2012. These are not performance measures, but provide some context for the rest of the data. For child protective cases, this table contains the number of new petitions. In some counties a petition is filed for each child, however, in some counties there are multiple children on each petition.

2012 Case Age Rates

The case age rates measure the percentage of cases disposed or resolved within the guideline. A court may have zero cases pending over the time frame and not achieve a case age rate of 100 percent because at least one case was disposed over the time frame during the year. An asterisk indicates that there were too few cases (less than 10) to calculate a meaningful rate. For additional information on calculating case age rates, please see the Appendix at the end of the Case Age Rates Section. You will find the following tables and charts in the Case Age Rates section:

  • Case age table with case age rates for 2012 for all the courts in your comparison group.
  • Case age chart showing case age rates for both the initial and interim guideline along with all of the courts in your comparison group.
  • Case age trend chart showing your case age rates from 2005 to 2012 along with the statewide average rate.
  • Case age table with case age rates for 2012 for all the judges in your comparison group.

Court Appointed Counsel Payment Information

Each trial court reports all counsel appointment payments to SCAO on an annual basis. You will find the following information: