10th Circuit Juvenile & Family

Honorable Barbara L. Meter
Probate Court Judge of the Family Division, 
3360 Hospital Road,
Saginaw, MI 48603
Phone: (989) 799-2821

The Family Division of the Circuit Court is located at 3360 Hospital Road in Saginaw and has exclusive jurisdiction of children under the age of 17 who are found to come within the provisions of the Michigan Juvenile Code. This Division acts as trial court. The court is required to make findings of guilt or innocence in delinquency cases, decide disposition, and assume temporary or permanent wardship in delinquency and neglect/abuse cases.

Brief History Overview

In 1996 the Family Division of the Circuit Court was created. Its effective date was January 1, 1998. At that time the Probate Court, who had concurrent jurisdiction with the 10th Judicial Circuit Court, was assigned all newly filed paternity, support, URESCA and Personal Protection Order cases.

The Family Division of the Circuit Court – Juvenile Division, is located on Hospital Road in Saginaw Township. Matters in the Family Division of the Circuit Court Juvenile Division are handled by the Honorable Barbara L. Meter. The Juvenile Division of the Saginaw County Circuit Court Family Division now handles matters previously handled by the Probate Court which consists of the juvenile delinquency, parental waivers, neglect and abuse issues, and adoption proceedings. All of Saginaw County Circuit Court Judges were transferred into the Family Division of the 10th Judicial Circuit Court.

Violators of personal protection orders are arraigned and tried throughout the week.

The Court’s docket may change at times during the year to handle other matters such as criminal and civil jury trials when necessary to expedite the docket of all the courts.

Scheduling of Family Court matters is handled by the Saginaw County 10th Judicial Circuit Court Clerk at (989) 790-5470.

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