About the Saginaw County Drug Treatment Court

Drug Treatment Court Team

Judge: Janet Boes
Coordinator: Susan Smith
Case Managers: James Livingston and Jennifer Kellerman
Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys: Nathan Collison and Daniel Straka
Defense Counsel: Gena Amos
Treatment Supervisor [SPSI]: Amy Hayes MA, LPC, CAADC
Probation Agent [MDOC]: Kristin Doucette
Community Corrections Manager: Mary Stec
Monitor/Deputy: Scott Bickel
Substance Use Disorder Coordinator [SCCMHA]: Amy Murawski MS, CAC, CPS
Domestic Violence/Trauma Services [URR]: Linda Gleesing
Sergeant/Sheriff Representative [SCSD]: Craig Irvine

Saginaw County 10th Circuit Adult Felony Drug Treatment Court

In Saginaw, we began an Adult Drug Treatment Court for felony offenders in October 2012. This court program receives funds from several grants administered by the State of Michigan. The State, in turn, monitors the Drug Treatment Court for compliance with established principles and statutory requirements (see MCL 600.1060 et seq).

Judge Janet Boes currently oversees the Saginaw County Adult Drug Treatment Court. When the program began in Saginaw County, both Judge Boes and Judge James Borchard served as the presiding judges. In 2017, Court reorganization plans resulted in assignment of all Drug Treatment Court cases to Judge Boes. Various agencies work together to coordinate the program and provide services. In fact, representatives of various agencies make-up our Drug Treatment Court Team. Team members come from the following agencies: Michigan Department of Corrections, Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office, Saginaw County Prosecutor’s Office, Saginaw Psychological Services, Saginaw County Office of Community Corrections, Saginaw County Community Mental Health, Underground Railroad, and Saginaw Police Department. Specialized training to run the program has been provided to our team members by the National Drug Court Institute and the Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals.

A defendant who participates in our Drug Treatment Court will be required to serve a term of probation with intensive supervision for approximately 18 months – often including in-house treatment for 90 to 180 days or more. Participants must meet specific requirements as they move through a number of phases. Requirements include individual and group counseling, curfew times, community service, weekly attendance at Narcotics Anonymous or other self-help meetings, and regular contact with a Case Manager, as well as frequent and random testing for drugs and alcohol often during random home visits night or day. Sometimes electronic monitoring in the form of a tether or alcohol monitoring device is utilized as well. In addition, participants must appear before the Judge at least twice a month.

The number of participants in Saginaw County generally ranges from 20 to 30 defendants. The first graduation celebration was held in 2014. Photos of some of our graduation celebrations and other Drug Treatment Court activities are posted on this website.

For more information about the Drug Treatment Court for felony offenders in Saginaw County contact Coordinator Sue Smith - ssmith@saginawcounty.com