Drug Court

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Saginaw County Courts are operating remotely. The public is welcome to attend court proceedings virtually and those interested may do so be following the instructions on our Remote Access Resources page.


Purpose and Background of Drug Treatment Courts
Drug treatment courts, sometimes simply referred to as “drug courts”, are specially designed, treatment focused programs. The purpose is to reduce recidivism and substance abuse among nonviolent, drug addicted, chronic criminal offenders. Stated another way by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, drug courts are “a sentencing alternative that provides life-saving treatment to people living with serious addiction and mental health conditions.”

Key facts about drug treatment courts:

  • A drug treatment court involves a collaborative effort in which judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement, probation agents, and treatment providers work together as a team.
  • Drug courts save money by keeping offenders out of prison and assisting them to become clean, sober, responsible citizens.
  • Currently there are over 2,300 drug treatment courts in all 50 states.
  • Drug court programs are based upon evidence gathered over the past 20 years from courts all over the country.
  • Research based evidence reveals that drug courts are most successful when they are based upon established principles – 10 Components (See list on this website).

For more information about drug treatment courts visit the following websites: National Association of Drug Court Professionals at www.nadcp.org or ALLRise@ALLRise.org [on Facebook] or National Drug Court Institute at www.ndci.org.

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Front Row: (L-R): Linda Gleesing (Underground Railroad), Amy Hayes MA, LPC, CAADC (Saginaw Psychological Services), Amy Murawski (Substance Use Disorder Coordinator - Saginaw County Community Mental Health), Gena Amos (Defense Attorney), Susan Smith (Coordinator DTC), James Livingston (Case Manager DTC).

Back Row: (L-R): Sevelta Lofton (Probation Agent MDOC), Daniel Straka (Assistant Prosecuting Attorney), Judge Janet M. Boes, Jennifer Kellerman (Case Manager DTC), Scott Bickel (Compliance Monitor DTC).

Missing: Craig Irvine (Saginaw County Sheriff's Department), Mary Stec (Director Community Corrections).