After Hours Protocol

After hours call outs Approved:
  • Aggressive dog not allowing public entry to their home, or vehicle. The animal must not belong to the complainant
  • Injured dog that is immobile no owner present
  • House Fire requiring removal of Animals
  • EMS requiring removal of Animals
  • Police seizure and removal of Animals
  • Dog that has bitten (broke skin) on a person and is unrestrained, no owner present
  • Police assistance serving warrant that requires removal of animals
  • Police assistance on cruelty and removal of animals
  • Exigent circumstances. Dog is going to die if not brought in prior to next business day. Owner is not present.
  • Officer cannot access area they need to be because animal is precluding access
Examples of after hours call outs that are Disallowed:
  • Stray dog running loose
  • Abandoned, restrained animal that has access to food, water, and shelter
  • Owned animal restrained bites
  • Barking
  • Recovery of dead animals
  • Dog chasing cars
If you're calling after hours for a non-emergent issue please leave a message on (989) 797-4500. We will respond the following business day. Please do not inundate 911 with non-emergency calls.
If you're calling after hours for an emergency issue, please call central dispatch at (989) 797-4580.