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District Maps

Interactive Map - via SAGA GIS Viewer

  1. Connect to the SAGA GIS Viewer page
  2. Click on the Search button at the top right 
  3. Then click on Board of Commissioners Search
  4. Enter address Number and Street Name, click the green Search button
  5. The property will be listed in blue
  6. Click on the property to zoom into the proper Commissioner District with the Commissioners name and photo pop-up.
  7. Also during a normal parcel search or selection on the map, the Commissioner will be shown for that property when the County Commission District layer is turned on here:
    1. Click the layers button
    2. Then turn on the Commission District Layer
    3. When a parcel is selected there will be an arrow at the top of the label here just to the right of "(1 of 2)"
    4. Click the arrow and the Commissioner will be listed

Downloadable Maps