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Civil Division


The regular civil division of the court handles cases with a jurisdictional limit of not more than $25,000. State Court approved forms for use in a civil case may be obtained from the Civil Division on the 1st floor of the courthouse. Civil forms may also be obtained online in the forms section. Learn more about the civil regular civil division.

Small Claims

The small claims division of the court allows participants to file lawsuits without the assistance of an attorney. All claims are limited to $7,000 and the there is no appeal from a small claims determination. Forms are available at the Civil Division or by using the online forms section. Learn more about the small claims division.

Landlord - Tenant

Summary proceedings are available in the court for eviction proceedings for non-payment of rent, termination of tenancy, and land contract forfeiture. Forms are available at the Civil Division or by using the online forms section. Learn more about summary proceedings.


After a judgment has been obtained in a civil case, the plaintiff may need to take further action to collect the judgment if the defendant fails to pay after the judgment becomes final. Judgments become final after the expiration of the appeal period stated in the judgment. A party may obtain a discovery subpoena to have the debtor appear in court for a debtor's examination regarding income and assets. A party may also file for garnishment or attachment to attempt to collect the judgment. Interest may be added to a judgment at the statutory rates. Learn more about collections.

Note: You may view a list of court officers authorized by the 70th District Court to serve process (papers).

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